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Pete Michaels "John"

Pete began his show-biz career at the tender age of 5 when he performed in his Kindergarten musical. It was one year later, while watching The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, that he knew he wanted to be a musician. He actually wanted to be Ringo!

He began his musical life as a drummer, studying the styles of everyone from Ringo Starr to Gene Krupa to Buddy Rich. (He was fortunate enough to have met both Gene & Buddy.) Pete played in every school band during his High School years and graced the stage as the musical lead in every production.

At the age of 18 he began playing and performing professionally. He is an alumnus of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and has performed in many stage and television productions during his career.

TV Credits include Late Night With Conan O'Brien, It's Showtime At The Apollo, The Daily Show, and The MTV Video Music Awards.

Pete has also played and/or recorded with such bands as Gregory's  Funhouse, Fling, Pleazer, and many others.

In the wake of the events of 9/11, Pete wrote and recorded a touching song titled We Are America.

Always a fan of The Beatles (and John Lennon in particular), Pete decided to learn guitar  and threw  himself into learning the complete catalog of Beatles songs while honing both  his vocal and rhythm guitar skills with the dream of one day playing in a Beatle Tribute  Band. That dream became a reality when he formed Love Me Do in 2008.

When performing with Love Me Do Pete plays a Rickenbacker 325, Gibson J-160E and an Epiphone Casino.



Jay Ybanez "Paul"

Jay's introduction to The Beatles came while watching a TV commercial about the release of "The Beatles 1" album. He then recognized their songs as performed by other groups once he bought that CD.  

He learned piano at age 9, then self taught guitar around 10, drums at age 11, and then received his first      left handed Hofner bass at the age of 14. He learned to play left handed guitar at 16 playing most of the catalog Beatles songs.

 In 2012, he uploaded a video to audition for Staten Island's first "Beatles Blast," and decided to upload more as a one man tribute band. He also began performing both in and out of High School.

 He continues to play other styles of music, musical instruments, and has worked on some original material today as a student at Wagner College. 

 Opportunity knocked when he applied to audition for "Love Me Do" and passed, becoming their first "Left Handed McCartney" at only 19 years old.

When performing with Love Me Do Jay plays a Hofner bass.


Peter Michaels Jr. "George"

Any resemblance between "George" and "John" is purely intentional!

Peter's love for Beatles music began as a toddler, having been exposed to the music of the "fab four" and British Invasion groups  thanks to his Dad.

He received his first guitar (from a toy store) at age 5, but showed no real interest in learning to play. He just liked to strum it and pretend. However, as he got a bit older, and watched his Dad playing Beatles songs, he began learning chords and eventually leads.

He received a Squire Strat one Christmas, then a Fender acoustic. He played both guitars at Concerts while in Grammar School to great acclaim.

He is a huge fan of George Harrison, and is quite an impressive lead guitarist and vocalist.

He currently attends college at The New School in NYC, majoring in music. Peter also plays sitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, drums, harmonica, recorder, ukulele and violin. He also writes and records his own compositions.

When performing with Love Me Do, he plays a Gretsch Tennessean, Gretsch Country Gentleman, Rickenbacker 360 12 String and Epiphone Casino.


Al Mannarino "Ringo"

Singer, guitarist, and lifelong drummer Al Mannarino has been performing since a very young age. One of his first memories was playing for thousands of people at age 15, which for him became the pivotal moment when he decided that performing was what he was meant to do. Playing music for him became the thing in life that brought him the most joy.


All throughout college, Al performed in multiple bands, playing all sorts of gigs while attaining his undergraduate and masters degrees in music performance and education. From clubs to benefits, corporate work to wedding bands, Al has performed in countless venues. Besides being an accomplished singer and guitarist, he is also a trained percussionist and drummer. Al has performed as a solo and duo act for over a decade. 


Singing and playing his guitar has brought him a great deal of success and has kept him busy as a performer. From private parties to bars, restaurants and clubs, Al covers it all! He is proficient in virtually all styles of music, from rock to reggae, pop and jazz, Al is an extremely versatile musician and performer.


Al became part of Love Me Do in 2018.


When performing with Love Me Do Al plays Ludwig drums.